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Monday, January 21, 2008

James Dobson is a quart low on Grace

I just finished reading the book, Unworld People by Joyce Landorf. It was given to me by a friend due to my interest in fundamental Christians and their strange ways. In the 70's Joyce Landorf was the female version of James Dobson. She was a best selling author of Christian Living books and her publisher was the same as Dobson's.

Anyway, she went through a divorce, and for those of you who have ever been in the fundamentalist Christian church and in a "leadership" position- divorce is the kiss of death. But what is most amazing after reading the book is how her so called "friends" like James Dobson could not wait to throw her under the train- all of course in the name of Christian love and concern.

The love and grace that James Dobson and others claim to embrace is rarely if ever found when you read the real life accounts by the people who's lives they destroy. (Another book about this almost hidden fact is James Dobson's War On America) An example of this condescending attitude of Dobson and other mostly male preachers is and I quote, "Why don't you stop your work, go home, be a wife, a mother, and grandmother". But please leave the real work of God's work to us guys. In a few years maybe you will come back. It should be noted that during the time shw was going through the divorce, her good friend James Dobson went to their book publisher and gave Word Books the ultimatum to drop her as an author or he would take his highly profitable books to another publisher. Oh, and he didn't contact her for more than 3 years. What a friend we have in Jesus, I mean James Dobson, who claims Jesus. Nice.

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