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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Joyce Meyer - New member of he Fraud Squad

I have just learned that popular televangelist Joyce Meyer has become Dr. Joyce Meyer. That would be impressive, as one should be congratulated for the years of study and hard work to get a doctorate degree. However, as with most other Dr's out there- Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, etc, they aren't really doctors.

The degree Joyce Meyer received is an honorary degree! Not only that, but Joyce Meyer doesn't even have a undergraduate college degree. So with no legitimate undergraduate or post graduate degree, (just your good old HS education) to merit such an appellation, she can no go around and claim to be a Dr. I'm sure it will help future book sales however deceptive this may be.

keep in mind that whenever you see the title "Dr." in front of a charismatic teacher's name, especially if they are on television you can "bet" nine times out of ten that the degree is bogus.

Most charismatic ministers openly denigrate serious biblical study on the seminary level. Yet they love to use the title of a scholar. Why? To give them the credibility they lack. The degree title will make the unsuspecting Christian put more confidence in what they teach, after all, they are a "Doctor."

This is just another example of the deception that these ministers knowingly perpetrate on the unsuspecting Christian. Anyone in the academic world will tell you that no one of any repute will use or cite an honorary degree. Certainly they will not use it in connection with their publications. Why not? Because people of integrity know full well that they have not put in the requisite time required to merit such a title.

To use an honorary degree in the same manner as a person who has worked for the degree is seen as an insult to those who have put in the hard years of study to earn that academic standing. Yet charismatic leaders, many of whom, like Joyce, who have no college degree at all have no moral problem calling themselves by a title they have not earned. This should not surprise us because they call themselves apostles, prophets, and bishops - these titles are just as hollow and fraudulent as their doctorate titles.

Some of these charismatic frauds are "Dr." Marilyn Hickey, "Dr." Kenneth E. Hagin, "Dr." Oral Roberts, "Dr." Joyce Meyer, "Dr." Rodney Howard Brown, "Dr." Lester Sumrall. Joyce has now joined the ranks of the fraud squad.

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