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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pat Robertson fake formula keeps on going

I woke up late this Sunday morning and as I was flipping the TV channels caught the 700 club with Pat Robertson. It's been a while since I caught his act and I would have liked to report it has changed, but no such luck.

It was another one of those fake news stories where the person is down and out, but then God, I mean Pat tells them if they will only tithe- give money to the 700 club, then the great Piggy Bank in the Sky (Jesus) will send that person a check in return.

Sure enough, that's what happened. The lady reported that a check in the mail miraculously appeared and all was well.

Now, the problem with all this for anyone with more than a 6th grade level of education is that we all know checks just don't show up for no reason because we send The 700 Club money.

In fact, if the logic that Pat Robertson used on his show was true- you give money you get money, then instead of Pat asking his viewers to send him money, he would instead ask his viewers to send him their addresses so he could instead have the 700 club send them a check so the 700 club could get a great big Jesus in the sky blessing.

Why the viewers of The 700 club don't catch onto this con game amazes me. But, I guess it is biblical in some ways as "a fool and his money are soon parted". Thank you Jesus.

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